March 11, 2012

Dr. Suess Birthday Party.

I decided to do a Dr. Seuss Birthday Party for my daughter's 3rd birthday this year.

Decorations and Favors

This was the invitation.  I made in with a computer scrap booking program.  The sucker was marshmallows stuck together with water and painted with red food coloring (tip: Use no taste red.)  The bottom one was just half of a marshmallow rolled flat.

I used pictures from a Dr. Seuss trivia game to make a 3 on the wall and I found the Cat in the Hat at a craft store. The birthday banner came from the dollar store.

For party favors I found some Dr. Seuss erasers, Silly Bandz and pins in the dollar section of Target.  I found stickers at the craft store and got some Swedish fish and blue gummy sharks for Red Fish, Blue Fish.  I got the bendy straws at the dollar store.

Decorations were a bulletin board set I found at the craft store.

 Thing 1 and 2 cupcakes - frosted with store bought butter cream frosting and topped with a ball of blue cotton candy. 
Tip:  I suggest making the cupcakes the day of.  If you make them the night before the cotton candy will melt.

Photo Booth:  Took pictures of all the guest with the birthday girl to send with thank you cards. It was a piece of cotton duck taped to the fireplace.  The banner was an old beat up copy of Green Eggs and Ham that was cut into triangles and stuck together with fish shaped brads. 


Game 1 - As the kids were coming they got to use stickers to decorate their own party hat.

Game 2: Catch a Dr. Seuss Fish.  The fish were a bulletin board set purchased at the craft store.  I put a sticker on half the fish and stuck a brad to each one to make it magnetic.  We used a magnetic fishing pole and if you caught one with a sticker you got a Tootsie Roll (the birthday girl's favorite treat).

Game 3: Pin the Star on the Sneetch.  I found a picture of a Sneetch on the internet and blew it up on a piece of yellow poster board.  I printed star shaped and blindfolded the kids had to put the star on his belly, just like pin the tail on the donkey.

Game 4: Fox in Socks.  There was a pile of different socks on the floor and the guest had 30 seconds to put on as many different socks as they could.  The one with the most socks won.  It was a bit much for the younger ones but the older guests enjoyed it.  * Note the birthday girls cute Cat in the Hat headband.  : )

The pictures didn't turn out for games 5 and 6.

Game 5: Fish Balance: I got some plastic toy fish and had the kids try to walk around balancing the fish on their nose.
Game 6:  Book Balance: Similar to game 5 but they balanced books on their heads.


 Cheese Trees (Fox in Socks) -Cheddar and Mozzarella cut with a shaped vegetable cutter and stuck on a toothpick.

Goldfish in a fish bowl (One Fish, Two Fish)

 Truffula Tree Fruit (The Lorax).

Green Eggs and Ham: deviled eggs dyed green.

Pink Ink Yink Drink (One Fish Two Fish):  Strawberry Banana V-8 Smoothie


  1. What a fun party! It looks amazing and looks like there was lots of fun had. My favorites are the cupcakes and pin the star on the sneech!

  2. Did you draw the Sneech or use a projector? Love the socks game, and the decorations. I was hoping to see pictures of how the party turned out-we'll have to steal some of these ideas soon. Did you do a big cake for her?

  3. I have a program on my computer that can blow a picture up bigger than one sheet and you piece it together. It makes it all pixilated but it worked for the outline.

  4. Good food, fun games, and cupcakes – your party had all the necessary ingredients to make it awesome. I am also planning a party for my daughter’s birthday this week. Have already booked an outdoor space for the party at a nearby event venue. I’ll be working on arranging food for the party while my husband and his sister will be decorating the venue.