August 14, 2011

Magic Spoons

 I loved this experiment.  It was so quick and easy to set up.  Magic spoon set up: plastic cup filled half way with vinegar.  Put one or two drops of food coloring on a spoon and scoop up some baking soda.  Let child put spoon in cup and stir.  For extra bubbles add 1 squirt of dish soap to the vinegar.  We used dish soap in our experiment.

and viola!  We noticed the color didn't start coming out until B. had stirred for a while.  The site I got the experiment from said if you are doing it with a large group you can put water in some of the cups so the kids wonder why it worked in some and not the other.  We did it with 5 different colors and when they were all done B. started spooning color from one cup into another to see what happened.

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