August 17, 2011

Roll Away Sand Box Cover

I used to use a tarp stuck down with tent stakes but, well, you can see what happened.  Every time I watered the lawn I got a mosquito breeding puddle that started to grow slime and when the wind blew the tarp wouldn't stay down and blew all over.

Here is my solution:

I used a piece of shade fabric and stapled it to the sandbox on one side with a staple gun.  On the other side I sewed a pocket and slid a piece of  PVC pipe in it and put end caps on.  I bolted some tarp hooks to the side of the box and now all I have to do is slip the pipe under the hooks and it stays.  Then I can roll it up out of the way while B. is playing.  You have to make sure it's nice and snug so it stays on the hooks.

1 comment:

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